Our Experience Makes Yours

28 / 04 / 19

Walking into the Kuoni boutique on Dukes Lane makes you feel instantly right at home – it’s easy to understand why this personality-filled bunch of travel experts won Kuoni Team of the Year! We chatted to the lovely Brooke, Rachel, Kerry, Natasha and Zara on everything from the most interesting holiday requests to top tips on a night out in Brighton. Once these ladies start talking about travel there’s no stopping them!

Meet The Kuoni Team

Q: Why did you get into the travel industry?

BROOKE: As a keen traveller myself, I wanted a career that both allowed me to continue travelling and talk about travel. I love getting excited with customers about their holidays.

KERRY: I’ve always been in the travel industry – I studied travel at university, I then worked as cabin crew and progressed to working on the ground at Kuoni – it’s been a journey in itself!

RACHEL: I’ve always loved Kuoni as a brand and always wanted to work in travel because I love it so much. I actually commute from Uckfield to this store just so I can work for Kuoni.

Wow, that is dedication!

RACHEL: Love what you do, do what you love!

Q: Where are the best destinations for chasing the sun?

KERRY: The Maldives is an absolute must for the wow factor. When you fly over the water onto an island it’s just incredible. There’s nothing like it.

BROOKE: The whole of the Indian ocean is just beautiful. I recommend combining visiting the Maldives for the stunning beaches and clear blue sea with Sri Lanka. I recently visited Sri Lanka and it was just amazing for trying new cultural experience, from temples to new food to trekking along the beautiful landscape. Having your own local guide and car to show you around is essential.

KERRY: Like in most places – it makes such a difference to your experience.

RACHEL: For me Thailand is a must, particularly West Thailand (Phuket). All our hotels are off the beaten track and in such tranquil, peaceful places – it’s incredible!

Q: Where do Brighton customers like to travel?

RACHEL: Kuoni Brighton customers are quirky, adventurous and always want to go to weird and wonderful places. You never know what someone is going to ask for when they walk in the door.

NATASHA: The destinations are as interesting as the people!

RACHEL: So many interesting and adventurous places! We have recently had lots of newlyweds requesting to climb Kilimanjaro for their honeymoon.

BROOKE: Africa overall is a popular destination from Tanzania to Botswana to South Africa. Brighton customers particularly love the amazing luxury Blue Train for exploring South Africa from Johannesburg through to Cape Town. It’s a stunning trip.

The great thing about our holidays is you can go from rustic to luxury. We always offer the best hotels that place has to offer. Even if it is off the beaten track.

KERRY: No holiday is ‘off the shelf’. Everything is tailor-made to our customers so no two holidays will ever be the same.

Q: What makes Dukes Lane a special destination in Brighton?

NATASHA: It’s our own little community here. Everyone in the Lane lends a helping hand with all the stores.

ZARA: It’s also nice that it’s a little tucked away; it’s peaceful in a good way.

KERRY: Our customers come to our store because they know us well – it’s sanctuary within sanctuary here!

Q: What do you love about Brighton?

BROOKE: I grew up in Brighton and just love that it’s relaxed, care-free, there’s always something going on. Then there’s the beach and pier! It’s just home for me.

Q: And finally, what are your top tips for visitors to Brighton?

ZARA: Make sure you go to all the quirky bars, not the chains!

RACHEL: And make sure you wear flats when going on a pub crawl – it can be a bit hilly!


We hope you are feeling as inspired for your next adventure as we are!


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