New Artists Have Joined They Made This

27 / 02 / 24

Welcoming new artists to They Made This' Roster!

Brand New Artists

Bob and Eve

Brighton based artist Bob and Eve (aka Corrina Wilson) combines hand tufted and machine based techniques. Corrina creates colourful one off pieces of art with wool. Her artist name evolved from the words bobbin and weave in reference to her use of textiles as a medium. We are just so in love with these gorgeous statement artworks, which are an expression of Corrina’s irreverent take on modern society.

Explore the Bob and Eve’s collection here.


Babak Ganjei 

Babak Ganjei is a London based visual artist, comic book writer, musician and radio presenter, and is the second super exciting artist to join recently. His energetic and unpredictable artworks blend humour, cultural references and immediacy. Babak shares his inner monologue through his art.

After graduating from Central St Martins, Babak Ganjei gained recognition when his ‘Film Idea’ series became popular. Other notable works include a painting of a Barclays Card auctioned in lieu of debt he owed and a set of twigs from his neighbourhood. Babak pushes the boundaries of creativity and redefines the concept of ‘art’ itself.

Explore Babak Ganjei’s collection here.


Nephthys Foster

We’re also super pleased to announce the wonderful Nephthys Foster joining their merry band of artists. A London based self taught illustrator, Nephthys specialises in vibrant and bold prints that pay homage to life’s little pleasures.Her artistic journey started when decorating her new home, she felt a need for artwork that resonated with her spaces. She now creates art that serves as a tribute to life’s often overlooked moments of joy, embracing the simplicity of existence, and encouraging others to do the same.

Explore Nephthys Foster’s collection here.

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