Jewels of Dukes Lane

23 / 01 / 20

Jonathan and Richard opened Jewel Thief back in 2008. Their aim is to restore jewellery to the role of cherished keepsakes or love tokens.

An Interview with Jewel Thief

Q: How did you meet?

JON: Many moons ago we worked together at the infamous Liberty store in London where I worked in the jewellery department. You wouldn’t know it from my fresh face, but I’ve been in the jewellery business for many, many years!

Q: And Richard, how did you get into jewellery design and making?

RICHARD: My interest in jewellery design started when I was photographing jewellery for designers. Jon and I became good friends and both wanted to move to Brighton; I’d completed my BA in photography here. With Jon’s experience and my love for design we decided to join forces. I took evening classes and learned how to make and craft everything from rings to necklaces.

Q: Where do you take your inspiration from?

JON: We draw inspiration from the past and the idea of lost treasures or heirlooms. Our designs often use symbols such as bees, skulls and winged hearts – anything that’s interesting and a bit weird!

Q: How does Brighton influence your design?

JON: Brighton keeps me young! It’s so vibrant and creative – you can draw inspiration from anywhere.

We’re excited to be celebrating 12 years on Dukes Lane this year as it’s always been ‘the place to be’ in Brighton – it has real character and charm.

Q: What new pieces can we expect at Jewel Thief?

RICHARD: We recently launched a range of ‘naughty penguins’ pieces and have a new series based on snake heads including bracelets that spiral round the wrist. It’s really quite fun!


Find Jonathan and Richard at 26 Dukes Lane.

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