Bousham Pop-up Gallery and Shop

06 / 08 / 18

This week Dukes Lane's pop-up shop will be transformed into a botanical art and jewellery gallery filled with bold handmade pendants, wild jungle paintings, delicate butterflies and plants by Brighton-based artist Shyama Ruffell and designer Clair Boubli.

Shyama best describes her work as "a cocktail of William Morris and Rousseau in an English meadow, with a splash of Klimt and a squeeze of Jungle book".

Behind the Designers

Art and design by Shyama Ruffell

Coming from a family of professional artists, Shyama grew up in the world of fine art, first exhibiting her work at the age of seven in London. She writes:

“Jungles and exotic plant shapes capture me. My own eclectic garden has developed with a mixture of Banana plants,Tree ferns jostling for space next to Daises, St Johns Wort, Rhubarb, Palms,Yuccas and a huge Fatsia Japonica (Castor oil plant). From tall and tropical to small and delicate, all are intertwined together in true jungle fashion.

Pattern is a constant for me and is the connection with all of my work. It is like following a track or a trail. It is an inclusive thread through nature, from the exquisite and delicate markings on butterfly wings and insects to all forms of botanicals with their infinite variations.

I work in my garden studio amongst my own little urban jungle. My garden has little to no rules. It is survival of the fittest with nature taking its course, exhibiting and inspiring me with it’s unique uncultured ever changing displays.”

Follow Shyama on Instagram or visit her website.


Bou Jewellery by Clair Boubli

Clair Boubli’s professional and creative journey spans continents and mediums, but it was the abundant shapes, textures and extraordinary palette of the Amazonian rainforest that started her on her path to jewellery making.

Clair’s work is vivid, textured and bursting with life, but also holds a delicacy and sensitivity – a nod almost to the fragility of what first inspired her in the rainforest. Her work is a story, it has a heritage and whole array of skill and knowledge hand crafted into every piece.

Her passion for her work has taken her all over the world sourcing the incredible variety of natural material. She now includes Brazilian hand-cut semi-precious stones as well as organic forest materials in her jewellery. She also works with precious metals, setting Amazonian seeds and desert stones with cast bronze, silver and gold, as well as hunting markets for antique crystal, glass and vintage metal findings where ever she travels.

Clair says: “I’m like a magpie – always finding the treasure that is thrown up by nature and place. Since moving back to Sussex where I grew up, I have begun collecting the local riches, inspired by the plentiful array of natural treasures to be found here.”

You can follow Clair’s work on Instagram.

Visit the Bousham Pop-up Gallery and Shop from 7th August to 14th August at 11 Dukes Lane, Brighton, BN1 1BG.

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